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Beginners Article

Types of Casinos

Web-based / Flash Casinos

Flash or web-based casinos are casinos where the games are played from websites without having to download any software. It opens in a normal web browser and uses plug-ins to run the games. These plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Macromedia Shockwave and Java, are used by many websites and may have been downloaded already, if not you will be directed to a site where you will be able to download it safely and easily.

The downside to using flash sites are that they use quite an amount of bandwidth with all the sounds, graphics etc, which need to load. Although most modern computers can handle this you may want to look at the download-based games if you are in a country which has a limited bandwidth supply.

Other factors which could affect web-based / flash play are internet traffic, disconnection problems and most casinos only have a limited amount of games available to play as flash. All the casinos listed on Safe-OnlineCasinos have a no-download casino available.

Mobile Casino Play

We are entering what I like to call the 'Mobile Era'. People are using their portable devices to communicate and improve on their daily lives and doing so whilst on the go. Mobile Casino gaming is right at the forefront of this trend. If you want to extend your online gaming experience beyond your household, well, now you can. All the casinos on our site offer their services on mobile and tablet devices.

You may find that the mobile experience is very similar to the flash version of the relevant online casino. Some operators have put a significant amount of funds into developing an amazing mobile experience. Today's mobile devices deliver an excellent digital experience and data networks are boasting exceptionally fast connections. You will not be disappointed with today's mobile casino play experience.

Please remember that you will in-cure data costs when playing online casinos with your device, albeit a mobile or tablet device. To avoid frustrations, make sure you have enough data to enjoy your experience before taking part.

Download Casino

If it is speed you are looking for then the download software based casino games is definitely the option for you. Most people prefer to download the software as it is a once off download which installs relatively quickly, connects to the casinos service provider and communicates via the connection. All the graphics, sounds and animations are included in the software downloaded, thus it is far less taxing on your internet once you have all the content.

Some people worry about viruses and/or spy ware, these are valid concerns but most reputable sites are trustworthy and as long as you have good anti-virus software installed, you should not have anything to worry about. Read all the fine print before downloading and if you are at all concerned, then rather choose another casino. There are plenty to choose from.

It really is more enjoyable to download the software as you have much better features, better graphics, better sound, much faster speed (based on your type of internet connection of course) and you will find it far more reliable. All the casinos listed on Safe-OnlineCasinos offer the best that they can provide with their downloaded casino version.

Keep the above options in mind whilst you prepare for your experience and think of your personal requirements before choosing your preferred casino.Whichever that may be, we wish you all the best and ultimately remember to have fun!

Important Note:

We'd like you to bare in mind that mobile, web-based and download based casinos offer the same security, fair play and customer support. The only difference is the means in which you play at the casino. Nothing else changes regarding these important aspects.

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