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Beginners Article

Progressive Jackpots

Put quite simply, a 'progressive jackpot' is a jackpot for a gaming machine (such as slots) where the value of the payoff (or 'jackpot') increases by a small amount each time another game is played. These progressive jackptos can be very attractive to gamers and most operators will offer games which link to one of these of progressive jackpots. So, several players, playing at different machines, are in reality playing for the same jackpot and increasing it each time they play.

Why Play Progressive Jackpots Online?

Here is some food for thought...

We think that one of the many reasons why online progressive jackpot games are ever so popular is due to the initial cost of setting up an online casino. Starting an online casino can be up to 80% cheaper than starting a land based casino. The building alone can cost millions, no mater what currency you working in. Then you have to add all the machines, the tables, the staff and the list goes on and on. You can immediately see the costs climbing to unthinkable heights.

Due to the phenominal savings of an online casino versus the land base casino. Many, if not all online casino operators offer a large number of progressive jackpot games with many of these progressive games having a very attractive minimum payout. Once hit, the progressive amount resets to the minium and every spin on the game increases the jackpot until the next progressive win. So online progressive jackpots are hit frequently making more winners more often. It's just brilliant!

In addition to the above, online progressive jackpots can have a large number of people playing the same game at the same time. Where in a land based casino it is limited to a certain number of seats. In saying that, the progressive jackpots accumulate at an alarming rate which in turn will result in the jackpots paying out more frequently.


Usually, slot machines have their 'jackpot' listed as a monetary value and this can only be won by achieving the combination with the highest payoff; whether that's three "7's" in a row or a 'royal flush' on a progressive video poker machine. Once the jackpot has been won, the machine resets itself to its preset and designated minimum. The difference with progressive jackpots is that each time a game is played on a connected machine, the jackpot increases (a progressive increase) by a small amount. So, instead of individuals all playing to win a pre-determined jackpot amount at a single machine, each player is increasing the jackpot they're playing for every time they pull the handle.

The 'house' sets the amount by which the jackpot progresses and is willing to contribute to some of the profit because progressive jackpots attract so many players. In other words, they limit some of their profit initially to make more later because of the attraction that large jackpots have to so many players.

Also, progressive jackpots generally require playing the highest credit level in order to be eligible for the jackpot. It's always best to check the progressive jackpot rules for the progressive game you are playing to ensure you know exactly how many credits it takes to stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot and how much each credit will cost you. This will help you manage your bank roll efficiently so that you don't run out of money after a couple of spins. So make sure you review each and every progressive jackpot game and find the progressive game which suites you best.


Playing progressive jackpots vs. regular machines is ultimately a matter of preference. Odds are fairly similar and while there are some methods for improving one's advantage at progressive slots (such as 'team' play - which many casinos prohibit), most of these are either extremely shady (illegal) and/or simply nothing more than theories. In the end, it remains a game of chance - that's why they call it gambling.

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