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Beginners Article

Choosing an Online Casino

One of our primary goals at Safe-OnlineCasinos is to simplify the process of choosing an online casino for you. We have made sure that every casino promoted on our website has been reviewed according to the guidelines below. It is very important that you choose a good casino to enable your gambling experience to be that of the best. The sites we have reviewed are well respected, reputable, secure, fair and are customer friendly.

So how does one go about choosing an online casino? Well, although it might seem complicated and a lot of information to remember, it is advised that you work through the steps below so that you understand what needs to be taken into consideration when choosing an online casino.

Step 1: Check to see that the casino is licensed

A casino which does not have a license is operating illegally. Anything you do within it would not be legal and thus you would have no rights if anything were to go wrong. It is imperative that you read the casinos licensing details on their website or read a few reviews first, to make sure it is legal. Also be aware that some licensing jurisdictions are more reputable, such as: Isle of Man, Cyprus and Gibraltar.

Step 2: Read Reviews

Online reviews are definitely worth reading. They can give interesting, honest and important insight to different casinos. Some sites also have message boards/chat rooms where you can ask questions, get answers and be on your gambling way.

Step 3: Look for awards

You will sometimes find a voting section on these sites where you can vote if you think the site is a good one. These votes are then calculated by service sites at the end of the month and rank the casinos from most to least popular. These awards are usually known as 'Top Site' awards and give you a good indication of which sites are worth looking at and which to avoid.

Step 4: Get a feel for the software

Being spoilt for choice when it comes to gambling software providers insures that there are some very good ones available. To test which casinos or which games you prefer and to get a feel for using online casino games, one should preview the software either by downloading it and trying out the free play facility, or by reading the how to instructions and viewing the screen shots.

Step 5: Check the games the casino offers

Each online casino has its own collection of games which they offer. Some might specialize in similar kinds of games, whilst others have a variety. The amount of games offered also varies. Usually the non-downloadable, flash versions are limited to only a few games or games of a similar type, whilst the downloadable ones have larger, varied selections.

Step 6: Does the casino provide support?

Online customer support is very useful to beginners and experienced players alike. It is there to help you if you have any kind of questions or are stuck. Most online casinos offer support and it is always better to use those which offer 24 hour support. Before beginning to gamble, contact them to make sure that they are legitimate and can help you if you need them to.

Step 7: Check for approved payment methods

When working with anything money related online it is always suggested that you find out the full details of payment methods, refund (or in this case the receiving of your winnings) and the length of time of various money transactions before partaking in the activity. When it comes to online gambling there are many different accepted methods in which the transferring of money can take place, make sure that your preferred method is accepted by the casino. Also be aware of how winnings are paid out to the players. Some casinos transfer the funds directly to your account, whilst others send cheques to the player's homes and some may also vary their methods based on the amount to be paid out.

Step 8: Search for good bonuses and payout ratings

Many online casinos offer an incentive of a first deposit bonus to new players; however these vary from casino to casino. A reasonable bonus on a deposit is up to 100% match on a reasonable deposit. High roller bonuses are sometimes also on offer for those that are able to afford to play with a bit more money. Most if not all also offer a continual monthly bonus.

Many online casino operators provide payout percentages on their game categories and these percentages are more often well above 95%. This kind of payout percentage will gve an indication as to how long you can enjoy yourself at an online casino.

Important Note:

The most important thing to understand when looking for an online casino is that a casino is a business, and you will be paying money for its services, whether by wagering on games, depositing money, or joining a special club. Hence like anything else you buy, you expect it to be trustworthy and of high quality. The above guidelines are the most essential components of a reputable casino, so it is crucial that you apply them appropriately. Doing so will ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing an online casino.

In addition to the above note, Safe-OnlineCasinos is a business much like other online sites and in order for us to make any recommendations to you, our valuable reader, we have taken it upon ourselves to work through the above steps with each and every online casino site advertised on Safe-OnlineCasinos. If for some reason you encounter any difficulty with any of the sites listed on Safe-OnlineCasinos, we ask that you please get get in touch with us should your problem not be resolved or you feel you have had a negative experience. We may not be able to resolve the issue but at least we can keep our communities informed.

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