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Beginners Article

Online Casino Tips For New Players

Beginners and experienced players alike can benefit from these few quick tips. These basic guidelines can help prevent problems later and make sure that your gambling experience is only that of the best.

Know the Rules:

There are no excuses not to know how the games work, what the rules are and the terminology used because of the opportunity which you have to play for free. Thus make sure you have used the free play and learn all you need to know before wagering your hard earned money.

Pace yourself:

It is always more fun when the experience is drawn out for longer so place your bets wisely to ensure that you don't run out of money too early.

Keep a Budget - Know When to Stop:

Before you start gambling, make a maximum total which you can afford to lose. Leave ATM cards at home when going to physical casinos and when you are winning resist ploghing all your winnings back into the game. Not stopping when you have reached your limit is when problems occur. If unable to stop, seek help at our gamblers anonymous page.

Don't 'Chase' Losses:

Avoid making larger bets to reclaim previous losses, this only leads to more losses. Accept the expense and move on; taking a break or changing games might help.


Avoid gambling if you are angry or depressed as it leads to poor judgement and lack of focus. This can make you lose money unnecessarily.

Don't be Distracted:

Focus! Distractions make for careless losses.

Take Breaks:

Frequent breaks are important. It will keep you healthier, help you to be fresh and alert to make sensible choices to keep you in the game for longer and thus have more fun.

Have Fun:

We can't begin to explain just how important it is to have fun when gambling. It is a game and thus enjoyment is the key factor. Don't bet more than you can afford nor wager everything at once because it won't be fun when you're feeling down about your losses.

Online Casino Do's and Don'ts

Stay on the right track! If you have begun to form some bad habits or need a little more advice then read on as we bring our introduction to a close with some do's and don't's


Expect to lose

It is not possible to win every time, even when you bet slowly and employ solid strategies. Remember as with all games, you win some and you lose some. Take the bad with the good and treat everything as part of the experience.

Know the local law

Not all countries, states or regions permit online gambling. Find out what is legal where you are and abide by it.

Be 'nice'

It is always more enjoyable all around when players are courteous and polite. Always show respect and good etiquette, whether you are playing online or at a physical casino. Take a look at our page on gambling etiquette for more information.

Trust the odds

Remember the games don't run on luck. They are mathematical algorithms, based on probabilities and percentages. If someone seems to be on a winning streak then it is probably based on a strategic game plan formed on an understanding of the odds. This method of play is far more successful than relying on luck.

Play to win

The nice thing about playing online is that you have enough time to play comfortably and make the right decisions. Take your time, rushed decisions lead to mistakes.

Find the best rules

Each casino has different rules for every game and may even have more rules for the same game. Select the games which have rules that suit you best and have the best advantage in your favour.


Don't bet more than you can afford

It is very important to set yourself a limit and stay within that limit. Never bet more than you can afford to. Gambling is not fun when you lose money which should be spent on more important things.

Don't believe in 'betting systems'

Betting schemes don't work! Base your betting style on strategies which have worked out mathematically and work on probabilities.

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