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Beginners Article

Depositing And Withdrawing Money

Before heading to any online casino you need to ensure you have covered the most important topic about online gambling. That is and can only be...your money! There are basically two scenario's to consider when playing for real money, they are: Depositing money into the casino and withdrawing money from the casino. With each of these being of utmost importance, we have formulated two questions with simple answers to address these aspects of online gambling.

How do I deposit money online?

Most casinos generally accept deposits by credit card, check, money order, or wire transfer. What's becoming more popular now, however, are options like FirePay, NetTeller, ACH, 900 Pay, Citadel and other similar online payment providers (For more information on these services and others, visit our payment options section). Most people like to use these online payment systems because money can be sent immediately and securely. All of these systems and others used by reputable online casinos protect your money as well as, if not better than that, it would be protected during any other typical online financial transaction.

How do I collect my winnings?

Each casino has a different policy so it all depends. Many may simply credit-back your winnings via the same purchase method you used, but sometimes only up to the amount you have deposited. Additional amounts will usually be sent by check, bank draft, or wire transfer and the speed of these methods can vary from one casino to the next. Once again, check out our online reviews for more information about which casinos pay out winnings the fastest. Remember as well that electronic transfers are often accompanied by a fee, either from the casino or your banking institution.

Important Note:

Safe-OnlineCasinos has reviewed each and every online casino listed on this site. In doing so we have also reviewed the depositing and withdrawing money options for each online casino. With this in mind you can rest assured that we have only listed online casinos that handle your money (and personal information) with top of the range security and privacy. We have also listed those who process your funds in an efficient and professional manner. You should therefore have no issues depositing or withdrawing your money from the online casinos listed on this Site, so long as you have adhered to all the terms and conditions pertaining to the relevant online casino operator.

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