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Beginners Article

Introduction to Online Gambling

If you have just arrived at our site and this first article, chances are that you're a newcomer to the world of online casinos and curious about what all the talk is about.

Well, the best way to get you into the swing of things is to formulate a couple questions with answers. So here we go...

Why gamble online?

The activity of 'gambling' has been around for centuries. Games of chance were held at fairs and festivals and enjoyed by the rich and poor alike. These games have evolved into their modern versions which can be found in the land-based casinos of today. People have enjoyed such games and other gambling activities because of the excitement of potentially 'getting something for nothing and beating the house'.

The surge of online gambling is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the internet availability has spread from the wealthy to the common folk. The second is based on the unique aspects online gaming operators are able to bring to the table versus the land-based counterparts.

The third and probably the most important reason is that you can gamble in the very comfort of your home. The need to travel far and wide to visit a casino is a thing of the past. Simply click and you're in. By gambling online you eliminate the distractions and frustrations of land-based casinos. No noise, intimidation, smoke-filled rooms and manipulation against your best interests. Online gambling eliminates all that worry and puts the casino at your finger tips, just as you want it. No mess, no fuss!

Online gambling has been around since before 2003 and is still going strong.

Is it safe to gamble online?

This is and indeed should be your first concern. Being in the online gambling industry for over fifteen years now, I can honestly give you peace of mind that online gambling is a safe activity and is getting safer and safer as time goes by.

You can also rest assured that the gaming sites advertised on Safe-OnlineCasinos abide to strict policies and regulations which are geared towards customer satisfaction, fair game play and secure online gaming. Generally speaking, a good gambling site is one which is audited and regulated by reputable organisations and is in possession of a legal gaming license.

We have covered the ground work on this by recommending sites which already have all of the above. You are welcome to review them yourself before signing up if you are unsure. We however trust them enough to recommend them to you.

How do the games work?

There is no dealer sitting across you and no players by your side. The casino games are operated by advanced computerized algorithms that not only administer the game and objectively set its results, but similarly supervise the ongoing games to assure this happens all the time.

An example of a gambling transactions is as follows: You click the spin button. The software then sends your click to the licensed gambling server which processes your spin with it's advanced algorithms. Once it has a result (which takes a nano second if not less) it sends the result back to your computer and is displayed accordingly.

What if I'm stuck?

The online casinos that we recommend or review all offer 24/7 support, technical and customer service, multi-lingual and reachable via chat, email, phone or fax, as you please. We have personally contacted each and every customer support team to ensure that they are reachable and able to assist with various questions which may arise from players.

If you need to contact a support team, simply visit the relevant site for the contact details or alternatively look for the support option within the gaming software you are using.

Where do I go from here?

Now that we have introduced you to online gambling. Your next best move will be to read through our 'gaming articles' and 'casino games' pages. Once you have done that, you will be in a great position to click to an online casino of your liking.

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