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Beginners Article


Money has a tendency to sometimes lead to greed and greed is just one of the many things which can lead to cheating. However not as easy as in a physical casino, it is found in online casinos. We have put together a brief outline of how cheating is handled, issues you may be confronted with, guidelines of how to avoid being cheated, as well as interesting links to a list of blacklisted and rogue sites.

Online Casino Operators

It is possible if you should enter a non-reputable site that an operator could try to cheat you, however all sites which have been reviewed by us contain trustworthy software packages and are independently audited. In fact the online casinos recommended enforce a strict 'fair-gaming' policy and many have been found to be more secure and audited than companies which handle online financial transactions.

It is the online casino operator's job to run checks on everyone who registers. They have access to huge databases which list all the people known to have tried cheating other online casinos by means of fraudulent credit cards and/or fraudulent account details such as fake names/surnames and email addresses. Whilst running the check the system becomes alerted and the operator beings the screening process.

Operators can also check flagged IP addresses and can pinpoint your exact location. Your IP address could be flagged for various reasons such as, if your country has banned from online gambling.

It is important that you understand that online operators, especially on the recommended sites are there to enforce maximum security for you, the individuals who play, and for the casinos which they work for.


Cheaters never prosper - this is even more the case for online casinos than for their physical counter parts. It is so much easier to pick up if someone is cheating online by tracking their location from their IP address and see if more than one account is being used from the same location or if one person has logged in from different locations. Even the consequences are more severe than a physical casino because your name, IP address and all your other details are immediately blacklisted world wide with a few simple clicks. This results in problems with the law as well. Thus cheating is just not worth it. Don't be fooled by the seemingly anonymity of the internet, it is actually quite the opposite.

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